Reality X

September 18, 2016

Being seen, simplified.

In the talent industry, your career lives and breathes on exposure. If you’re an

ex- or aspiring reality TV star, we push your profile front and centre to casting

directors, agents and managers so your career flourishes. RealityX is for

established artists who want a boost or people just starting out in the

entertainment industry. Network with the best. Find your tribe. Get cast in the

productions you deserve. RealityX – the reality is highlighting your talent!

We push the best talent in front of cameras – that’s you.

If you want to get into the reality TV game – or you’ve been around long

enough you’re playing to win – there’s nothing better than having people in

your corner. Gaining traction can feel frustrating at times. Raising your profile

with RealityX is easy.

Give to Gain

If you’ve got talent, been around the block or thought you can dance, RealityX

is a new social network that understands you and your goals. Join now and network

with fellow performers and industry pros.